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Wheel Fanatic
Obtain all trophies.

What A Fortune!
Win $1M total.

Instant Millionaire!
Win the $1M Prize.

I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This!
Solve a puzzle with only one letter revealed.

Wheel Pro!
Win 25 games.

Win a Jackpot.

True Bonus
Win a bonus round without guessing any letters correctly.

Acquire all contestant clothes and logos.

A $35K Round!
Win $35,000 in one round.

A Hard Act to Follow
Win a game on Hard Difficulty.

A Massive Fortune!
Win $500,000 total.

On Location!
Unlock all sets and their props.

Wheel Master!
Win 50 Games.

Wheels on the Wheel
Win a car by getting both ½ car tags.

My First Puzzle!
Solve a puzzle!

Perform a gesture.

It’s a Toss Up!
Win a Toss Up.

Dress For Success
Change Clothes in the Contestant Creator.

We Have A Winner!
Win your first game.

Taking It Easy
Win a game on Easy difficulty.

Taking on the World
Finish an online game.

We Still Have A Winner!
Win five games.

A $2K Round!
Win $2,000 in one round.

We Really Have A Winner!
Win 10 games.

What Should I Pick?
Look at the Used Letter Board.

Some Wheel Competition
Win an online game.

I’d Like to Solve the Puzzle
Solve the puzzle without guessing letters on your turn.

I’ll Spin
Spin the wheel five times in a row.

A $5K Round!
Win $5,000 in one round.

The Minigame Champ!
Become a Minigame Champ.

Get Out Of There!
Lose a prize wedge or tag by Bankrupt.

I Like Minigames
Play every minigame.

Guess Again
Guess five letters in a row.

I’d Like to Buy Them All
Buy every vowel during a puzzle.

Not My Day
Land on Bankrupt twice in a row.

A $10K Round!
Win $10,000 in one round.

A Small Fortune!
Win $100,000 total.

Everything In Its Right Place
Own all props for one set.

Toss Up Pro!
Win all Toss Ups in a single game.

Fortune Flipped!
Win $10,000 from a Mystery Wedge.

Wheel Watcher
Solve 10 Puzzles.

Ultimate Minigame Champ
Win every minigame.

A Talented Medium
Win a game on Medium Difficulty.

A New Car!
Win a Vehicle!

A $25K Round!
Win $25,000 in one round.

A Growing Fortune!
Win $250,000 total.

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