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Perfect Aim
Earn all trophies.

Crack Shot
Take out the meteor and the UFO with a single rocket in Invasion of the Space Raiders.

Fly Me to the Moon
Earn 200,000 points during the UFO event in Rootin’ Tootin’ Targetin’.

Bats n’ Pies
Score 5,000 points from hitting Bat Targets during the Pie Dodge Event of Mine Cart Spelunk.

Mine Alley
Throw 5 Balls into the mineshaft in Creaky Canyon Alley Ball Challenge.

High Moo-n
Compete the “Corral 3 Buffalo” objective while the Undertaker’s clock reads Noon in Western Showdown.

Bombs Away
Do not hit any bombs in Planetary Slash n’ Defense.

Master Terraformer
Terraform all terrain at the same time using the TNT Powerup in Terraformal Event.

Basket Case
Score 15,000 points by popping basket balloons in Hot Air Balloon Show.

My Hero!
Never miss hooking a sheep in Rescuing Fields of Sheep.

The truck on the Left
Shoot all of the trucks on the left side of the screen in Shoot Camp.

One and Done
Only hit a ball once and then never again in Midnight Breakout.

Thunderous Blue
Shoot all of the blue helicopters in Wayward Whirlybirds of Wonderment.

They’re all mine!
Hit 20 different balls in Block Breakout Assault.

Quick Spotlight
Turn on all of the spotlights in Paratrooper Scooper in less than five seconds.

Finger Lickin’ Good
Don’t let any large chicken eggs fall to the ground in Fall-ing Eggs.

Eggless Victor
Don’t catch any eggs in It’s an Egg Drop Spring.

Bird Feeder
Knock down 50 corn stalks in Farm Raising Fury.

Clean as a Whistle
Successfully dodge all the pies in a single shooting gallery.

There’s Pie in Your Face
Complete all of the Objectives in a shooting gallery without dodging a pie.

Laser Blaster
Destroy 20 targets with the Laser power up in a single shooting gallery.

Spread the Love
Destroy 20 targets with the Spread Shot power up in a single shooting gallery.

Destroy 20 targets with the Dynamite power up in a single shooting gallery.

Slow Mo Joe
Destroy 20 targets while using the Slow motion power up in a single shooting gallery.

Double Up
Destroy 20 targets with the Double Points power up in a single shooting gallery.

Partner Up
Play through any booth with a friend in Adventure Mode.

Earning Credit
Watch the credits to completion.

Ticket to Ride
Get the train to come through town in Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’.

Throw 20 balls in the distant holes in Wild West Alley Ball Challenge.

Knock down every mug in the back row throughout a single play session of Sarsaparilla Slide.

Wrecking Crew
Let the town get destroyed in Please Do Feed the Animals.

Zurg Rush
Shoot Zurg 30 times in Launched in Space.

Pop n’ Tops
Pop the tops off of the left and right moons in Launched in Deep Space.

Ring all the lasers in Flying Discs… in space!

Hack And Slash
Hit a multi-slash asteroid 20 times in Cosmic Slash n’ Defense.

Score Abduction
Ring a 5000 point UFO in Space Rescue.

Bouquet Bonanza
Get the Big Flower to appear in Baaa-loon Pop.

Lead Air Balloon
Pop a hot air balloon in Pop Party.

Rescuing Machine
Rescue more than 25 sheep in Flock of Sheep to Rescue.

Flower Power
Pop every pink flower balloon at least once in Flight of the Balloons.

Cloudy Night
In Garden Grow, change the level from day to night.

Pretty Red Balloons
Pop 100 balloons in Balloon Blast.

Doing the Dishes
Break 25 stick targets in Plate Break.

A Dish’s Worst Enemy
Shatter 100 plates in Skeet Shoot.

4-in-a-Row, All-in-One-Go!
Break all the plane plates in a single pass in Moving Target Madness.

Streakin’ Squeekin’
Hit the 5000 Point Mouse in Hamm and Eggs.

Bow Ow!
Hit the dog 3 times in Bacon and Eggs.

Hyper Hydra-sis
Shoot the Hydra target 8 times in Dino-Rama.

Pleased Plesiosaurs
Knock down 25 plesiosaurs in The Jurassic Shore.

Penguin Pusher
Knock down 50 penguins in Ice-berrrger and Fries.

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