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Jeopardy! Fanatic
Obtain all trophies.

I Never Guess
Complete a game without entering any incorrect responses.

What A Pay Off!
Win $1M total.

Jeopardy! Master!
Win 50 Games.

How Did You Know?
Pick the Daily Double before any other clues are revealed.

Jeopardy Pro!
Win 25 games.

It Pays Off!
Win $100,000 total.

Clue Streak, Again!
Respond to ten clues correctly in a row.

It Really Pays Off!
Win $250,000 total.

A $35K Game!
Win $35,000 in one Game.

Know It All
Win a game on Hard difficulty.

Clue Master!
Respond to 200 Clues Correctly.

Jeopardy! Champ!
Acquire all contestant clothes and logos.

Sweep Week
Win five games in a row.

That is Correct!
Respond to a clue correctly.

Perform a gesture.

We Have A Champion!
Win a game.

Dressed Smartly
Change clothes in the Contestant Creator.

Daily Double Winner
Respond to a Daily Double correctly.

No Brainer
Win a game on Easy difficulty.

Challenge Accepted
Finish an online game.

Clue Solver
Respond to five clues correctly.

Welcome to the Winner’s Circle
Win an online game.

Returning Champion
Win five games.

My Category!
Finish a category with the correct response.

What is the Correct Response?
Respond correctly after someone does not.

Still the Returning Champion
Win 10 games.

No Time For Small Change
Solve the highest dollar value clue in a category first.

Should Have Bet More
Answer Final Jeopardy! correctly with a $0 wager.

A $5K Game!
Win $5,000 in one game.

The Minigame Champ!
Become a Minigame Champ.

I Like Minigames
Play every minigame.

Clue Streak
Respond to five clues correctly in a row.

My Favorite Category
Respond to every clue in a category.

A $10K Game!
Win $10,000 in one game.

Daily Double Pro
Win all Daily Doubles in a single game.

Make It A True Daily Double
Wager everything and respond to a Daily Double correctly.

Finally Knew It!
Be the only one to respond to Final Jeopardy! Correctly!

Clue Crew Member
Respond to all Clue Crew clues correctly in a game.

Ultimate Minigame Champ
Win every minigame.

Final Wager
Wager it all in Final Jeopardy with a correct response.

It’s Subjective
Correctly respond to all five clues in a single subject.

Thinking Ahead
Win a game on Medium difficulty.

A $25K Game!
Win $25,000 in one game.

Quick on the Buzzer
Be the first to respond to every clue on a board.

Category Expert
Respond to Clues Correctly from 25 categories.

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